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1 . BookEnds Origami Collection

Maintainer: Bookends
"Book Ends is an independent book shop specialising in origami, papercrafts and children's books. It was established in 1990. Our stock includes many unusual and hard to find titles with possibly the widest range of origami books available in the UK. We are the official supplier to the British Origami Society."
Date added: January, 9, 2002
Last Access: February, 25, 2020 03:59:48 PM
Hit(s): 6,415
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2 . Product Title Index

Maintainer: Key Curriculum Press
Thanks to for helping me to find the location for this (after I lost it).
Date added: April, 12, 1996
Last Access: February, 26, 2020 12:57:41 AM
Hit(s): 4,081
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3 . Paper Folding

Maintainer: LWCD Inc.
Featuring their book Paper Folding which explains how to use paper folding to teach geometry in the classroom.
Date added: October, 18, 1997
Last Access: February, 24, 2020 09:38:18 PM
Hit(s): 5,599
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4 . Die Blechschahtel Origamibücher

Maintainer: Eduard Maier
Diagrams: PDF
A publisher and seller of origami books (Verlag Die Blechschachtel) in Germany.
Date added: October, 29, 2001
Last Access: February, 26, 2020 07:27:55 PM
Hit(s): 6,383
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5 . Math in Motion: Origami in the Classroom

Maintainer: Barbara Pearl
Using origami in education.
Date added: April, 16, 1997
Last Access: February, 26, 2020 04:42:40 PM
Hit(s): 5,931
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6 . Mette Units

Maintainer: Mette Pederson
Diagrams: JPG
Lots of original modular origami designs!
Date added: April, 26, 1999
Last Access: February, 26, 2020 02:12:22 PM
Hit(s): 4,599
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7 . Powell's Books

Maintainer: Powell\'s Books
A great place for used/out of print books. Check here for those hard to find old origami books. Thanks to Gretchen Klotz.
Date added: March, 6, 1996
Last Access: February, 24, 2020 09:38:18 PM
Hit(s): 4,018
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8 . Origami in King Arthur's Court

Maintainer: Lew Rozelle
A review of a new origami book.
Date added: August, 6, 1997
Last Access: February, 26, 2020 08:06:31 PM
Hit(s): 3,775
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9 . Sasuga Japanese Bookstore

Maintainer: Sasuga Japanese Bookstore
A great place to order origami books from Japan.
Date added: February, 12, 1996
Last Access: February, 26, 2020 12:11:55 PM
Hit(s): 5,011
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10 . Japanese Paper and Origami Supplies

Maintainer: Aileen Soria
Aileen writes, "Wide range of origami papers and kits, origami books, Yuzen paper, Han Ji paper. International orders are TAX FREE. We ship anywhere in the world. Regular specials. Very good pricing on all products."
Date added: May, 6, 2002
Last Access: February, 25, 2020 02:37:50 PM
Hit(s): 9,052
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