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1 . Origami Austria

Maintainer: Anna & Gerwin
Diagrams: PDF, Video
Official Homepage of Origami Austria with diagrams, articles and more. Available in German and English.
Date added: May, 25, 2006
Last Access: October, 16, 2019 05:34:51 PM
Hit(s): 6,606
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2 . Asociación Española de Papiroflexia (Spanish Association of Paperfolding)

Maintainer: Asociación Española de Papiroflexia
Diagrams: JPG
In Spanish and English
Date added: April, 27, 1999
Last Access: October, 15, 2019 10:19:08 PM
Hit(s): 10,113
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3 . Mouvement Français des Plieurs de Papier

Maintainer: Frederic Balint
In French. Site of the French origami association.
Date added: October, 27, 2003
Last Access: October, 15, 2019 04:21:36 AM
Hit(s): 7,488
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4 . Origami Vernier Genève

Maintainer: Patrick Christen
Diagrams: JPEG
In French, with some portions in English, Italian, and German.
Date added: February, 23, 1999
Last Access: October, 16, 2019 05:10:28 AM
Hit(s): 7,322
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5 . Centro Diffusione Origami

Maintainer: Antonio Coiana
In English and Italian.
Date added: August, 6, 1997
Last Access: October, 15, 2019 07:01:14 AM
Hit(s): 7,465
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6 . Origami Deutschland

Maintainer: Stefan Delecat
Diagrams: PDF, GIF
In English and German.
Date added: November, 7, 1996
Last Access: October, 18, 2019 09:46:11 AM
Hit(s): 13,229
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7 . Polish Origami Center

Maintainer: Dorota Dziamska
Diagrams: JPG
Date added: October, 29, 2001
Last Access: October, 18, 2019 07:00:45 AM
Hit(s): 6,287
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8 . CRIMP !!!!!

Maintainer: Romain Ferriol
The work of Vincent Floderer and his friends in southern France. In French.
Date added: October, 9, 2001
Last Access: October, 16, 2019 07:45:40 PM
Hit(s): 8,205
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9 . The Origami Peace Tree Project

Maintainer: Aleksandr Levashov
"Origami is the beautiful art of paper folding available for everybody. The international Origami Peace Tree Project is prepared by Larissa, Aleksandr and Anastasia the Levashovs, the founders and leaders of the Origami Center of Novorossiysk, Russia."
Date added: October, 29, 2001
Last Access: October, 17, 2019 07:20:58 AM
Hit(s): 5,793
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10 . Origami Societeit Nederland

Maintainer: Helma van der Linden
Diagrams: GIF
In English and Dutch
Date added: February, 23, 1996
Last Access: October, 18, 2019 04:28:28 AM
Hit(s): 7,178
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11 . Origami Muenchen e.V. (Origami Munich)

Maintainer: Tomas Mader
Diagrams: GIF
Currently in German, with an English version available for parts of the pages.
Date added: July, 19, 1996
Last Access: October, 15, 2019 06:01:07 PM
Hit(s): 5,961
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12 . Grupo Gaditano (Gaditano Origami Group)

Maintainer: Fco Ignacio Molina Gómez
Diagrams: GIF
Date added: September, 17, 1999
Last Access: October, 16, 2019 08:11:49 AM
Hit(s): 5,912
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13 . Página Oficial del Grupo Zaragozano de Papiroflexia

Maintainer: Emilio Morlas
In Spanish.
Date added: July, 9, 1997
Last Access: October, 15, 2019 04:40:25 AM
Hit(s): 7,856
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14 . Page Orig@mi de Vincent

Maintainer: Vincent Osele
Diagrams: GIF
In French. Includes explanations of origami diagram symbols. Contains information on Le Mouvement Francais des Plieurs de Papier.
Date added: April, 25, 1996
Last Access: October, 18, 2019 04:19:09 AM
Hit(s): 7,271
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15 . British Origami Society

Maintainer: Nick Robinson
Diagrams: JPEG
Date added: July, 19, 1996
Last Access: October, 18, 2019 07:57:02 AM
Hit(s): 6,614
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16 . Polish Origami Association - Paper Phantasies

Maintainer: Rafal Sabat
Diagrams: Flash, PDF, JPG, GIF
Origami is not as popular as it should be in Poland. Because of that, and lack of appropriate Origami organization in our country, we decided to establish a new society: the Polish Origami Association – Paper Phantasies. Please visit our website to learn more about our aims and actions, become a member or simply enjoy our sizeable gallery and a collection of diagrams. If you are interested in cooperation with the Association or would like to contribute some materials, please e-mail us!
Date added: September, 5, 2005
Last Access: October, 17, 2019 07:54:09 PM
Hit(s): 5,496
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