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1 . Tina's Origami

Maintainer: Tina
English & German. Many interesting sections, including a gallery, book reviews, book errata, and a glossary of origami terms in Japanese.
Date added: May, 16, 2000
Last Access: August, 17, 2019 02:52:27 AM
Hit(s): 6,483
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2 . Origami Austria

Maintainer: Anna & Gerwin
Diagrams: PDF, Video
Official Homepage of Origami Austria with diagrams, articles and more. Available in German and English.
Date added: May, 25, 2006
Last Access: August, 15, 2019 12:22:21 AM
Hit(s): 6,540
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3 . NightPoets Origami

Maintainer: Stefan Brinkmann
Diagrams: GIF
Stefan writes: Some origami diagrams I invented and mapped, including a flat star that becomes a box when pulled, a flapping heart with wings, a beating kinda 3d heat (Bill fold) and a cat whose body is a box. More to follow as soon as I get some time to map some more diagrams.
Date added: March, 21, 2003
Last Access: August, 17, 2019 05:54:28 AM
Hit(s): 6,050
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4 . Origami Deutschland

Maintainer: Stefan Delecat
Diagrams: PDF, GIF
In English and German.
Date added: November, 7, 1996
Last Access: August, 17, 2019 04:54:13 PM
Hit(s): 11,807
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5 . Clemens Domanig´s Origami-Seite

Maintainer: Clemens Domanig
Diagrams: TIFF (Zipped)
In German. Featuring diagrams of Peterpaul Forcher's work.
Date added: July, 11, 1997
Last Access: August, 17, 2019 02:34:56 AM
Hit(s): 6,063
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6 . Origami & Origamic Architecture

Maintainer: Joachim Gunderlach
Date added: August, 29, 2003
Last Access: August, 12, 2019 09:06:26 AM
Hit(s): 5,704
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7 . Aktion Kranich-Globus der KJ im DV Erfurt (Kolping Jugend)

Maintainer: Andreas Göthling
All in German, so I don't really understand it. However, there are some nice photos of a globe built (mainly) of origami cranes.
Date added: October, 29, 2001
Last Access: August, 17, 2019 07:29:57 AM
Hit(s): 4,705
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8 . Ralf's Origamipage

Maintainer: Ralf Konrad
In German and English.
Date added: October, 9, 2001
Last Access: August, 17, 2019 02:50:04 AM
Hit(s): 4,993
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9 . René Lucio - Origami Events München

Maintainer: René Lucio
Diagrams: PDF
In German. Author of "Eurogami" which appears to consist of existing models adapted for the Euro.

Mr. Lucio writes: "Gestalter und freischaffender Künstler. Zahlreiche Einzel- und Gruppenausstellungen in Argentinien, Uruguay, Frankreich, Italien, Portugal und Deutschland. Faltobjekte für Ausstellungen, Events, Messen, Showfalten."
Date added: January, 2, 2002
Last Access: August, 17, 2019 04:34:54 PM
Hit(s): 5,397
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10 . Origami Muenchen e.V. (Origami Munich)

Maintainer: Tomas Mader
Diagrams: GIF
Currently in German, with an English version available for parts of the pages.
Date added: July, 19, 1996
Last Access: August, 17, 2019 02:49:52 AM
Hit(s): 5,928
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11 . Die Blechschahtel Origamibücher

Maintainer: Eduard Maier
Diagrams: PDF
A publisher and seller of origami books (Verlag Die Blechschachtel) in Germany.
Date added: October, 29, 2001
Last Access: August, 17, 2019 05:29:14 AM
Hit(s): 6,208
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12 . Origima-imagirO Gallery by D. Meissner

Maintainer: Dominik Meissner
Diagrams: PDF
Origami aus Papier und Stoff
Date added: July, 24, 2006
Last Access: August, 14, 2019 07:06:27 PM
Hit(s): 5,368
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13 . Carmens Origamiseiten

Maintainer: Carmen Sprung
In German.
Date added: October, 9, 2001
Last Access: August, 17, 2019 05:12:48 PM
Hit(s): 9,270
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14 . Origami for Everyone

Maintainer: Gerwin Sturm
Diagrams: GIF
Information about origami including diagrams and basics (folds and bases). Most models have been designed by the author himself. Site available in English, German and Swedish.
Date added: April, 27, 2004
Last Access: August, 17, 2019 12:33:30 PM
Hit(s): 9,587
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15 . Paper Frog - alles für Origami

Maintainer: Roger Weber
In German. Origami paper, books, pictures of folded items, craft kits, short stories about origami, black board to get in contact with other origami enthusiasts and links to origami organisations all over the world.
Date added: January, 15, 2002
Last Access: August, 17, 2019 03:34:47 AM
Hit(s): 8,845
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16 . OrigamiWorld

Maintainer: Janina Weinand
Diagrams: GIF
Janina writes: First you can read miscellaneous about origami. Then you get traditional folding instructions and models by me, Janina Weinand. After that you may have a look at the OriAlbum, the web gallery of origami photos. Further you may have a look at my library of origami books. If you like to work with the computer you will find some very nice screensaver with the topic origami.
Date added: July, 17, 2005
Last Access: August, 17, 2019 02:50:57 AM
Hit(s): 6,180
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17 . Christian's Homepage: Origami

Maintainer: Christian Weinert
Diagrams: PDF, GIF
Date added: December, 18, 2001
Last Access: August, 17, 2019 05:37:46 AM
Hit(s): 7,064
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